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Holiday Grief: A Chat with Torrie Chatman

Grief is not a bad word! In 2017, I posted a social media post in reference to how I've been dealing with my grief. The post read: GOOD GRIEF. A few people have asked me how I’m dealing with grief during the holidays. I’m sharing here in hopes that it might help...

2018 Fall Vacay 🙂

I don't trust anyone who doesn't laugh. - Maya AngelouWhy didn't anybody tell me that vacations were EVERYTHING! This Fall, at 31 years old, I took my first vacation and it was a gamechanger for me. Do not judge me! Check out the recap of my time in Cali!...

Live Baby Live!

I believe every person is met with an impasse; a defining moment where you’re hit with the blunt question of “what happens next?” that catapults the decisions made for the rest of your life. I found myself in this very moment as I stuffed clothes in trash bags still...

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