Happy Birthday Chantee!





It. Is. Happening.

My birthday is Saturday, January 23rd, and I AM GETTING OLD!! Lol! For all of us moving closer and closer to 30 it just seems like the time passes so quickly.  Nonetheless, I am excited to celebrate! This year, as you may have heard, I have decided to do something a bit different to celebrate, and appreciate your interests in celebrating with me!! The heart of my company and my personal heart is to serve and give, and I am too thrilled to team up with the N Street Village shelter for women in DC to love on 65 women!  Myself and a few of my friends will be serving lunch, birthday cake of course and handing out favors.  The facilitator was so kind to share that they have an abundance of supplies to care for the ladies, but nothing fun and feminine. Having suggested giving the ladies nail polish, I am thrilled to begin preparations.  10% of the client work that is produced within the next week will go towards the food and favors to celebrate these ladies.  However, if you’d like in on this opportunity to serve you can send a donation to the link here:


Thank you for celebrating and serving with me!!! GEEKED!