UDesign Full Payment


There are some professions, like a doctor and lawyer, where I NEED you to have a degree. Then there’s the art of graphic design. I went to school for graphic design, but it was my hands on learning with clients and my own curiosity that taught me how to excel and be a sought after designer! I’m taking what I know to help YOU learn how to be a sought after designer or be the visionary that knows how to design for their own brand!

In this course, we’re learning the fundamentals of adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator where your most requested designs are created (i.e., flyers, logos, digital marketing graphics, email templates, and even your website mockup ;-)), and how to design these items!

This course is invaluable baby, because it’s a course that will keep on giving to your pockets! However, for a limited time offer, join in at $197. Secure your spot today with just $50!

Check my portfolio at chanteethedesigner.com/portfolio

Software Requirements: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

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